IFABS 2018 Chile Conference

Financial Decisions in a Changing Global Environment

University of Chile, Santiago de Chile

December 13-15, 2018


 Journal of Corporate Finance-sponsored IFABS conference 


Keynote Speakers:

University of California (UCLA)
Former president of the American Finance Association and the Western Finance Association 


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

This year marks the beginning of another proud chapter, through the launching of IFABS Latin-America.

We are very pleased to invite you to the IFABS 2018 Chile Conference, which will be hosted at University of Chile, in Santiago de Chile, on December 13 - 15, 2018.

The International Finance and Banking Society (IFABS) Conferences aim to provide a forum for discussion and critical analysis of the major financial and banking challenges and networking amongst academics, policy-makers, research students and practitioners. Founded in 2008 in the United Kingdom, IFABS, with over 3,500 members from over 60 countries, is one of the world's leading organizations dedicated to the promotion of research in banking and finance. The Society is recognised for the top quality research meetings and conferences it organises throughout the world. 

In addition to the papers directly related to the conference theme and the publication opportunity in the Journal of Corporate Finance, the conference committee would also like to invite submission of papers relating to all aspects of banking and finance.

Both theoretical and empirical papers are encouraged in areas which include, but are not limited to:

• Artificial Intelligence
• Asset Pricing
• Capital Markets
• Financial Crises
• Financial Regulation
• FinTech
• Green Finance and Climate Change
• Macro-financial Linkages
• Risk Measures and Stress Testing
• Financial Intermediation
• Corporate Finance
• Corporate Governance
• Market Microstructure
• Performance Measurement & Analysis
• Securitization
• Money and Liquidity
• Behavioural Finance
• Mathematical & Computational Modelling
• Financial Econometrics

The deadline for submission of completed papers (preferably), or very detailed abstracts, is September 30 2018. Kindly use the ConfTool system to submit your paper at www.conftool.com/ifabs2018-chile.


Conference Theme

Firms’ financial activities are likely affected by changes in their global business environment. Such changes include continuous technological change, improvement of CEO networks, consolidation between stock exchanges, regulatory changes related to corporate governance codes around the world, and consolidation of common ownership among institutional investors, just to name a few. Understanding how these changes affect financial decisions, such as sources of financing, security design, risk management practices and takeover methods, among others, is thus crucial for researchers, managers and policymakers alike.

The publication opportunity in the Journal of Corporate Finance intends to capture research in fields and subfields of corporate finance, inviting submissions of empirical and theoretical papers on how the global economic environment affects firms’ financing decisions. Topics include:

1. Global trends in private equity and venture capital and their impact on the growth of firms, innovation and takeovers.
2. Trends in IPO activities of emerging and developed market firms both at home and abroad.
3. Growing reserves of cash held by firms and their relation with pay-out policies and governance mechanisms.
4. Relation between cross border mergers and acquisition, board structure, and firm value.
5. Changes in organizational forms (e.g. joint ventures, publicly traded vs privately held firms, PPP etc.) and their relation with methods of financing and capital structure.
6. Bank and non-bank financing and its impact on firms’ investment policies.
7. CEOs’ attributes and networks and their long term impact on firm performance.
8. How networks and political connections may play a role in easing access to capital.
9. Changes in product market competition and their relation with firms’ boundaries and financial policies.
10. The relation between firms’ innovative activities and financing methods.


Publication Opportunities in the Journal of Corporate Finance

Journal of Corporate Finance (JCF) Combined Submission Option: At the authors’ option, papers that become finalists for acceptance to the conference can be considered for publication at the JCF. The rules for the dual submission process are as follows:
1. Authors must expressly indicate interest in consideration by the JCF.
2. At the discretion of the JCF Sponsoring Editor, papers that are among the final group of manuscripts considered for acceptance to the conference will be invited to submit to the JCF. At that time authors will be asked to pay a standard submission fee, and the submission will be formally reviewed. In these cases, authors will receive a copy of the JCF reviewer report(s).
3. Papers submitted for dual consideration must not be under review at another journal or the JCF, nor can they be considered for dual submission if previously rejected by the JCF.
4. In the event that a dual submission that has been invited to submit to the JCF is subsequently rejected, its authors have the option to submit a future version of their paper to the JCF without prejudice.
5. While under consideration as a dual submission by the Conference and the JCF, a paper may not be submitted to another journal (or the JCF) until the author has been notified of the dual submission outcome.


Best Paper Award

In line with the IFABS tradition, the best paper and the best PhD paper drawn from the papers presented at the conference will be awarded the IFABS Best Paper Award and the IFABS Best PhD Paper Award, respectively.


Special Sessions

The Conference Committee welcomes proposals for special sessions, roundtables and panels. Please email your proposals to info@ifabs.org by September 30, 2018


Important Dates
30 September, 2018     Deadline for paper submissions
30 October, 2018     Notification of acceptance
11 November, 2018     Deadline for early registration for presenters
13-15 December, 2018     IFABS 2018 Santiago Conference dates
17 December, 2018 - 20 January, 2019                  Submissions to Journal of Corporate Finance


We look forward to seeing you in Santiago de Chile, Chile.

IFABS 2018 Chile Conference Local Committee:

Alejandro Bernales, Universidad de Chile
Claudio Bonilla, Universidad de Chile
Harold Contreras, Universidad de Chile
David Diaz, Universidad de Chile
Erwin Hansen, Universidad de Chile
Francisco Marcet, Universidad de Chile
Marcela Valenzuela, Universidad de Chile
Patricio Valenzuela, Universidad de Chile

IFABS 2018 Chile Conference Chairs:

Alejandro Bernales, Universidad de Chile
Ricardo Correa, Federal Reserve Board
Markus Kirchner, Central Bank of Chile
Mohamed Shaban, University of Leicester